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Called to Care Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of health through charitable fund-raising of medical and educational supplies for the use of those in need and without resources in local communities and underprivileged countries alike. CTC is unique in that the generous donor has the opportunity to not only donate, but then follow his or her donations journey to the local or international source where the supplies will be used to help others in need





 CTC works to support the above goal to encourage the overall achievement of health promotion and increase in quality of life, through wellness clinics and educational support, abroad and locally. CTC was brought into existence through the founder’s personal experience, partnering with various nonprofit organizations while taking Medical Missions trips to Haiti from 2010 to the present. Over the past two years, the need for further support for missions groups such as these became so overwhelming, that the idea of CTC was inevitable in order to ensure providing the most good, to the most people. CTC makes it possible to open the door to anyone from trained volunteers/or professionals to untrained volunteers with compassion to help others, to assist where their skill set lies, either locally or internationally.